Linen suit ideal for everyday and work, which breathes. Sewn and designed by Polish designers. Perfect for warm summer days. Explore our range and enjoy a suit made of high-quality materials. Buy now in our store

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Are you looking for a comfortable women’s suit? Do you like clothes in a universal beige color? Are you looking for a suit that you can wear on hot summer days? Do you appreciate the properties of linen? Are you looking for a suit that is as suitable for work as it is for going out with friends? Do you like loose cuts of clothes?

If YES, then this BEIGE LINEN women’s suit is just for you.

Click “add to cart” now and order the Beige Linen linen suit that will make you feel the immediate comfort of linen. This suit will be useful whenever the temperature outside the window is really high and you need to look elegant. The beige color will also emphasize your tan.

Imagine a situation when you have a very important outing on hot days and you are looking for something elegant. The perfect choice on such days will be a women’s linen suit. It is a material that will work well in warm weather, because it is breathable, so your skin can breathe all the time. The BEIGE LINEN collection is an essential set in a woman’s wardrobe.

BEIGE Linen women’s linen suit is in short:

• single-breasted jacket fastened with 2 buttons,

• pants fastened with a zipper on the side,

• loose cut trousers,

• legs slightly widened downwards,

• made entirely of organic linen,

• decorative lining.

Women’s beige linen suit is a very casual proposition for everyday use. It’s a tasteful set, but not very formal, so you can wear it to meet friends or to work. Designed for women who like comfort, lightness and airiness.

A single-breasted jacket will gently emphasize your waist, while maintaining the freedom of your movements. The jacket fastened with 2 buttons will allow you to adjust the fastening. You can try wearing elegant tops or airy blouses underneath.

Pants in this set, thanks to the flared legs, will allow you to move freely, especially if you are a very active woman. The zipper in these pants will allow you to quickly unfasten and fasten. The decorative lining distinguishes this beige suit thanks to its interesting design. The pleasant-to-touch lining material will prevent it from sticking to the body even on hot days. The beige shade in this set will perfectly emphasize the summer tan.

Linen is an extremely durable material that is resistant to abrasion and stretching while retaining its shape. Linen does not electrify and irons well, thanks to which you will quickly prepare to leave the house. Linen is also hypoallergenic and does not cause allergies. If you are allergic, you will appreciate its properties when wearing the Beige Linen women’s suit every day and occasionally.

You can buy this women’s suit in standard sizes from S to L, check our size chart and choose the perfect one for you.

Click “add to cart” now and order a women’s suit that you will wear for many unforgettable summer moments with friends or to work. Take care of your well-being in the summer and get yourself a linen women’s suit that does not cause allergic reactions and breathes.


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