Black and White Pablo set


Jacket and skirt made of synthetic fiber that fits every figure from Polish designers. Explore our range and enjoy a unique jacket made of recycled material. Buy now in our store

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Black and White Pablo set

Are you looking for a set that is made entirely of ecological fabrics? Do you like to stand out in style from the crowd? Are you looking for a jacket and skirt that are handmade? Tired of boring patterns? Do you appreciate comfortable wardrobe items?

If you answered yes to at least one question, then the BLACK AND WHITE PABLO set is what you are looking for.

Click “add to cart” now and order a jacket and skirt with hand-painted elements of Pablo Picasso’s painting that will make you feel special every time you wear them. Thanks to the unique design of the collection, you will stand out with an unusual creation. Let your imagination run wild and add some color to your wardrobe.

Choosing the right jacket and skirt, and in particular their cut, is a big challenge, thanks to individual sewing you will match it to your body shape. Imagine going to an important meeting and not having the right clothes, with the BLACK AND WHITE PABLO set, every big deal will be yours. It’s all thanks to:

• the jacket is fastened with snaps,

• has deep pockets,

• the material comes from recycling, i.e. polycarbonate and polyester,

• the skirt is fastened on the side,

• the finish is a skin-friendly lining.

Thanks to the use of snaps in the BLACK AND WHITE jacket, unfastening and fastening will be easy and you will not cut your favorite scarf with a zipper. Imagine this soft material resembling tweed only in an ecological version, not only do you live in harmony with nature, but also have a set that is unique and hand-made. Have you probably been in a situation where the jacket had no pockets and you had to hold, for example, keys or a phone in your hand?

In this model, pockets are the basis for a modern woman – they come in handy when you need to hide small items, and you don’t want to take a handbag with you. The skirt from the BLACK AND WHITE PABLO set, thanks to the zipper on the side, will allow you to fasten it comfortably and independently. The straight cut at the waist will emphasize your figure, especially in summer, when you wear it with a short top.

The use of ecological fabrics that we use to create clothes in the store will make you wear it with pleasure. Choosing this set in the right size will make your silhouette look slim and all the advantages will be emphasized. This model is available in sizes from S to L, check the size tables and adjust the size to your figure. In the store, you can order a size for your own dimensions on a special order.

By ordering the BLACK AND WHITE PABLO set from our online store, you choose a unique style, and thanks to the matching jacket and skirt to your figure, you wear clothes that are comfortable.

Now click “add to cart” and take it on an unforgettable vacation or an important business meeting that will make you stand out and delight others. Forget about uncomfortable sets from chain stores.

Order the BLACK AND WHITE PABLO set now.

Jacket dimensions:

  • total length: size S: 62 cm, size M: 62 cm, size L: 62 cm
  • bust: size S: 102 cm, size M: 106 cm, size L: 110 cm
  • waist: size S: 102 cm, size M: 106 cm, size L: 110 cm
  • obwód bioder: rozmiar S: 110 cm, rozmiar M: 114 cm, rozmiar L: 118 cm
  • sleeve length: size S: 61 cm, size M: 62 cm, size L: 62 cm

Skirt dimensions:

  • total length: size S: 45 cm, size M: 45 cm, size L: 45 cm
  • waist: size S: 72 cm, size M: 76 cm, size L: 80 cm
  • hip: size S: 98 cm, size M: 102 cm, size L: 106 cm

The composition of the jacket and skirt:

70% polyester, 30% PC.

Washing instruction:

Dry clean.


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